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Pijano in Memorial

AllmäntPosted by Eva Eternell Hagen Tue, December 16, 2014 18:56:03

Normally I write in Swedish. But this time I will write in English. Because Pijano was famous around in the world, not only here in Sweden. Pijano was a gelding Arabian Horse. Born 1996 and I bought him from the breeder and educated him myself. When he was old I sold him to my student Emma that had been riding him for two years. Pijano was the biggest love in her life and I sold him as a master for her. So when he died he was with Emma, not with me. It is indescribable how much I morning Pijano, but it is even worse that knowing that Emma lost him.

Pijano´s real name was Virgio Pijano. But we called him only Pijano. He was a special horse in many ways. He had the biggest heart you ever seen in a horse! He literary went throw water and fire for me. We competed seven Swedish Championships, one Scandinavian Championship and three European Championship. Only once we did not take any medal (we got the four place). In all others of these Championships we got between first to third places!

Pijano was also a movie- and a radio star. He was live in the air in the morning shows several times at Rix FM (radio) and channel 4 (TV). He has performed in every international arena that is in Sweden: Gothenbourg Horse Show, Stockholm International Horse Show, Flyinge Horse Show, Falsterbo Horse Show, Stromsholm Horse Show and Norrköping International Horse Show.

A horse like Pijano never been and never will be again. He was unique!

As a Master in the higest classes in Working Equitation with Emma.

Commercical film for Oddset with the footballkapten Lagerbäck in the saddle. Was EVERYWHERE on TV. "On my command..."

Three times winner of the Ladies sidesaddle international class in Austria.

Silver medal (many times) in show jumping for Arabian Horses both in the Swedish and European Championships.

Gold medal in indoor cross country at the Arabian Championships.

Twice Silver Medal (two points from Gold) in dressage at the Swedish Championships for Arab horses.

Opening show number at Flyinge International Horse Show as an Arabian princess jumping throw fire.

Competing level Intermediare in dressage in Austria (place seven).

Pijano was educated to the highest school in dressage including above the air.

As a circus princess in a video for MTV.

This photo is from when we got the bronze medal in cross country for Arabian horses in Austria.

Swimming in the lake in Swedish summer.

Our last official performance together was as an Arabian horse and princess at the red carpet along with the celebrities at the premiere of Disney movie in the middle of Stockholm.

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